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Pipe and Cable Tracking / Locating

Pipe or utility tracking across large survey areas (i.e. bays, lakes, near-shore) using survey grade locating, sonar and GPS Systems with real time corrections. These surveys typically include the following:

  • Precision electronic locating / modeling of the pipeline or utility at predetermined intervals across the waterway, resulting in:
    • Depth of Cover
    • Precise XYZ coordinates for the top-of-pipe location
    • Inductive signal application available
  • Bathymetric survey of the waterway for predetermined distance up and down stream from the target pipeline or utility including:
    • Single or multi-beam bathymetric survey resulting in a georeferenced model of the riverbed or bottom
    • Side scan sonar used to determine if debris is present or to measure pipeline exposure
  • Precision land locating and topo points at pre-determined intervals
    • Waterline
    • High water mark
    • Banks and levees
  • Photo documentation of site conditions and survey details

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